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If you had done hard work in hot conditions or under the sun, you know how important cool & fresh air is for your productivity & safety while keeping you in a good mood. Cooling down areas of several thousands of square feet is no small feat: you will definitely need very powerful & efficient coolers so you can cool the huge area while not over-spending on your monthly electrical bills.

Our YETI Series offers the perfect solution! Cooling Monsters’ advanced YETI Series is the highest quality portable evaporative coolers in the market. We use evaporative cooling method to provide economical & effective cooling where traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost-prohibitive.

Equipment Features

One of The Most Powerful & Reliable Portable Evaporative Cooler Series Available

Most Cost Effective & High Quality Cooling Solutions to Use for Large Commercial Areas, Open Spaces, Outdoor/Indoor Large-Scale Events

Hi-Quality Roll Casters for Easy Mobility

Use of The Best Evaporative Media In The Market

Portacool Product Range In Yeti Series is Made in the USA

Automatic Pump Shutoff Protects Your Product & Investment

Robust & Durable Build for Harsh Working Environments

Why Choose the Yeti

YETI Series aims to provide a totally new experience of large-scale application cooling. Our evaporative coolers provide maximum comfort where it counts. Cool larger commercial, expansive industrial spaces and open spaces ranging from 1,900 to more than 6,000 square feet with ease!

Keeping your work areas cool & comfortable by achieving maximum cooling comfort is our key objective.

Our largest YETI cooler utilize a one-of-a-kind cooling technology, packing a cooling power punch with high velocity. It is also the most powerful variable speed evaporative cooler to be currently offered in the market.

Technical Specs

YETI Series - CMF-18

  • Motor rated power / Current: 750Watt / 3.5A
  • Powerful & reliable direct motor drive
  • ABB Micro-drive ACS150 device
  • Safety protection net: Less than 2cm
  • Product dimensions: 180cm x 40cm x 210cm (height)
  • Net weight: 180kg

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