Cooling Monsters

A brand new premier outdoor cooling solutions

We at Cooling Monsters are temperature control experts & design engineers that provide reliable cooling solutions to satisfy all cooling needs! We are always ready to provide round-the-clock personalised support services to your cooling system for any types of venues and events. Our in-house designed machines can also be deployed to cater cooling services in an emergency or planned maintenance for your factory, workshop or offices.

To achieve each project's temperature expectations, our in-house engineers and machine specialists are able to advise you on your cooling needs & the necessary details such as air flow and venue or tentage insulation. Also equally important, we are able to complete all these without exhausting your investment budget as we all know how competitive the market can be.

Our research & development team are committed to creating only the best Cooling Monsters and to its continual improvement. Our products are tested and developed using international standards and best-practices. As partners of Cooling Monsters, you can say goodbye to all of your hot weather woes.



A brand new premier outdoor cooling solutions

Brought to you from the USA, South Korea, China and Japan, we proudly present these uniquely designed, effective & powerful monster machines to solve your hot weather woes.

These massive & distinct premium machines are guaranteed to cool even the hottest of days in Singapore. By combining evaporative cooling technology & real air conditioning enhanced for outdoor use, we innovatively synthesize the perfect cooling solution for any event.

Stop settling for sub-par “cooling” solutions. Experience the real cooling power of COOLING MONSTERS.

Our Cooling Monsters are suitable for

Any Event Type & Size

  • Outdoor Exhibitions & Conferences
  • Corporate / VIP Reception Areas
  • Outdoor Concerts / Music Festivals
  • Luncheons / Dinners
  • Open Houses
  • Meet & Greet Sessions
  • Product Launchings
  • Carnivals / Bazaars
  • Government Events
  • Seasonal Events
  • Religious Events
  • Ceremonial Events
  • Corporate Parties
  • Property Launchings
  • TV Shows Filming
  • Artistes Backstage / Holding Areas
  • Weddings Receptions
  • Freshmen Orientations
  • School Events
  • Sports Days
  • High Tea Sessions
  • Outdoor Hotel Events
  • Private Parties
  • BBQs
  • Baby Showers
  • Book Signings
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Cooling Monsters' Series

Browse our three powerful portable cooling series

High-Capacity A/C


Our MAMMOTH series is a series of “Packaged Air-Con”: monstrous air conditioning machines engineered to deliver the right temperature & ventilation using non-CFC refrigerant & low sound level capability. We use high quality compressors and machine parts so that it is able to operate continuously for many days without any problems. Our machines are environmentally-friendly & energy-efficient as well.

Whether you’re facing an emergency or need a temporary fix during peak demand or planned maintenance, remember that COOLING MONSTERS are here for you!

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HYDRA series from COOLING MONSTERS is created for high-quality portable air conditioning “Spot Cooling” / “Certain Area Cooling” of a large areas (such as big warehouse, factory, open space, etc.) whenever cooling down the entire area is not practical. It is therefore much more economical to provide cool air to people or material directly rather than entire area cooling.

All our HYDRA machines provide strong cool air with high efficiency at low power consumption. This series is also most suitable for areas whereby only single-phase power supply is available and for long-hours application.

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Multi-Directional Spot A/C

Powerful Evaporative Cooling


Cooling Monsters’ advanced YETI Series is the highest quality portable evaporative coolers in the market. The machine's innovative evaporative media and streamlined body design allows maximum evaporative cooling efficiency. This cooling method provide economical & effective cooling where traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost-prohibitive.

The YETI Series aim to provide a totally new experience of large-scale application cooling. Our evaporative coolers provide maximum comfort where it counts. Cool larger commercial, expansive industrial spaces and open spaces ranging from 1,900 to more than 6,000 square feet with ease!

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