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About Us

The Problem

Heat Vs. Your Event & Your Workplace

If you've lived or stepped foot in any tropical countries, you’re no stranger to the hot climate all year round. In fact, you’re probably well acquainted with it! However, almost all other portable cooling machines available in the market functioned more like a fan, without any notable cooling effect. Even when operated at maximum efficiency, these machines simply can’t beat the heat.

For events, heat makes your guests restless, frustrated and unengaged – it’s the ultimate party pooper! Whether you’re planning a corporate event, an entertainment show, a private function, or a fairy tale wedding, there is no price tag for the happiness and comfort of your guests.

On the workplace, heat is discomforting and reduces productivity. When your employees take longer only to produce sub-par results due to heat, your company will be negatively affected. It is a wise business decision not to underestimate the impact of heat and the importance of effective cooling in the workplace.

Take control of the heat: make your guests want to stay longer and send them home with a smile & an unforgettable impression; have your employees work in comfort and produce the best results that they can. Without a doubt, powerful & professional cooling is mandatory.

The Solution

Cooling Monsters

a brand new premier outdoor cooling solutions for any event types & sizes.

Designed, developed & manufactured using international standards and best-practices, we proudly present our unique, powerful & efficient monster machines to solve all of your hot weather woes.

These massive & distinct premium machines are guaranteed to cool even the hottest of days. By combining evaporative cooling technology & real air conditioning enhanced for outdoor use, we innovatively synthesize the perfect cooling solution for any event.

Stop settling for sub-par “cooling” solutions. Experience the real cooling power of COOLING MONSTERS.

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