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True to its name, our high capacity air conditioner MAMMOTH packs a cooling power punch strong enough for entire building floors. A perfect solution for events or exhibitions in large tents, our MAMMOTH machines can even combine forces via connecting air ducts to provide maximum cooling comfort for any coverage area.

Our MAMMOTH series is a series of “Packaged Air-Con”: monstrous air conditioning machines designed to deliver the right temperature and ventilation using non-CFC refrigerant and low sound level capability. Our machines are also environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient as well.

Whether you’re facing an emergency or need a temporary fix during peak demand or planned maintenance, remember that COOLING MONSTERS are here for you!

Equipment Features

User Friendly Control Panel

Packaged A/C design for efficient setting up & removal

Durable & robust internal & external physical construction

High mobility despite the weight and the size of the machine

Rainproof design

Environmentally friendly refrigerant use


We understand and appreciate your effort to want make any event, whether big or small, a success. Therefore, you will need a partner who will be by your side from start to finish – especially if the event requires weeks, months or even years of planning. Complete temperature-control for a venue can be quite a complex process. Equipment usually will either fit within a tight space or be installed a distance away from your event venue. At times, insulation matters and other external factors could be quite a challenge as well. You can sleep better if you know we are handling all these matters for you. We have the experience in facing and solving these challenges and make it work for you.

If your venue is tight on space, we will install our MAMMOTH machine away from your event. We can bring in cabling and/or air ducting to get the power, cooling and air to where it’s needed. We can adapt quickly to the scope of your event even if there are last minute changes during planning/setup.

Our experienced cooling engineers can help you work out what equipment you need according to your project, location and temperature requirements. We can also provide ducting and cabling to give you a complete, reliable cooling system to cool your venue effectively.

Do not worry if you require air conditioning cooling where low noise is essential for your event and application. Our quiet but powerful air conditioning units run at industry-leading levels of soundproofing, making our MAMMOTH machines the perfect solution for use in tents and marquees without disturbing your guests and everyone around your venue.


From small, private parties to large, prestigious projects, we can support you with all your temporary and permanent temperature control needs.

  • Cooling Capacity: 240000 BTU/25 Horse Power
  • Power Supply: 50Hz/400V to 415V
  • Dimensions (WDH): 1100mm x 2700mm x 2300mm
  • Weight: 1200kg
  • Current Consumption: 53Amps/Three Phase
  • Power Consumption: 2.9kW
  • Refrigerant Type: R-410A
  • Cooling Area: 3300sqft
  • IP Rating: 65

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