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Powerful 9,000m3/hr Air Flow!


The Perfect Hot-Weather Solution

Your best cooling solution, now at an affordable price!

Outdoor Cafés, Restaurants & Pubs

Outdoor Food Stalls & Hawker

BBQ Event & Gathering

Outdoor Social Gathering

Balconies & Terraces

Warehouses & Hangars

Construction & Renovation Sites

Anywhere You Need to Beat the Heat!


Why Choose CM90?

CM90 Portable Evaporative Cooler Key Features

One of The Most Powerful & Reliable Portable Evaporative Cooler Available

Most Cost Effective & High Quality Cooling Solutions to Use for Large Commercial Areas, Open Spaces, Outdoor/Indoor Large-Scale Events

Operate Easily with User-Friendly Control Panel

Eco-Friendly Solution with Maximum Cooling Power

High Mobility & Easy to Transport

Robust & Durable Build for Harsh Working Environments

CM90 Technical specs


Air Flow: 9,000 m3/hr

Rated Power: 350 Watt

Voltage/Frequency: 240v/50Hz

Current: 1.59A

Dimensions: 840 x 550 x 1320mm

Weight: 38 kgs

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Fans are only used for air circulation. There are no change in the surrounding temperature being circulated.
  • Air Conditioners use refrigerants to produce the coldest air among the three options.
  • Air Coolers use evaporative water to produce cooling. It cools your space with lesser electricity and it is environmentally friendly.

Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Make sure the electricity source is connected and switched on,
  2. Make sure there is sufficient water storage in the tank by checking the water level indicator and
  3. Turn on the water pump and check to see if the evaporative media begins to damp after 1 or 2 minutes.

For optimum performance, the temperature should be 29˚C or higher and the relative humidity should be below 75%.
Misting systems spray a shower of water into the air that will collect on people, objects, equipment, floors, etc. Evaporative coolers also use the process of evaporation to produce cooler air, but do not produce a mist.
Drain the evaporative cooler, dry out the evaporative media, cover the evaporative cooler and store in a dry place.
An increase in humidity of approximately 2 to 5 percent is produced, depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. This increase is not very noticeable in a well-ventilated area or windy venues.
During cooling, the water will evaporate in the filled tank within 4 to 6 hours of operation, depending on the water capacity of the evaporative cooler, ambient conditions, temperature and humidity.

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