Signature Black Coat Series

Enhanced humidification process & material for better cooling
Compact size with optimal cooling effect
Mounted on castors for greater mobility
Multi-directional inlet cooling evaporative media
3 adjustable wind speeds
Low electrical consumption
Environmentally friendly
24-Hour digital timer
Digital LED display & control panel
Remote control enabled

Cool Large Areas

Powerful Wind Speed

Innovative Technology

Meet CM90-BUV

Sleek - Clean - Powerful

Launched in July 2020 as a new member of our YETI family, the CM90-BUV SIGNATURE BLACK COAT series is the successor of our long-serving product, CM90. The CM90-BUV is an enhancement of our CM90 series with added features and a brand new outlook.

Our new generation of evaporative coolers utilize high speed blades that generate large air volume, along with the introduction of UV disinfection within the water tank. Through both natural and scientific processes, it uses “direct evaporative” humidification process for maximum cooling effect. Now with the embedded UV lamp, the CM90-BUV disinfects the water within the water tank and cleanses the evaporative media during the water circulation process.

New Features

On our CM90-BUV Cooler
Black is an inherently beautiful colour. It gives the feeling of sophistication, formality and power. The unique black coating of CM90-BUV also prevents your cooler from looking dirty or unpleasant even if it is operated under harsher conditions.
Newly designed motor for more efficient wind power generation & overall reliability. Our factory fitted UV lamp works in a similar fashion as a filter.
Water from the water-tank flows to a capsule-like device containing the UV lamp before the water is used as an evaporative agent. This installation method provides zero risk of direct UV light contact with human skin or eyes. It also greatly improves microbial air output quality and ensures that you are breathing cleaner air.

About our UV lamp

Enjoy a worry-free cooling experience!

The technology employed in CM90-BUV is a 3 watt UVC-grade UV light commonly used for disinfection of bacteria and viruses, hygiene control, water purification and mould elimination. In this cooler, the key function of the UV light is to continuously cleanse the water before the evaporation process takes place. The disinfecting properties of the UV lamp also greatly reduce the formation of harmful bacteria and unpleasant odor by preventing mould and algae growth.

Daily Usage

Daily usage of our cooler is easy!
On / Off
Connect to the power outlet, press this button and it will be in default COOL mode. Press the button again to switch off the cooler.
Press this button to set cooler in COOL mode. The COOL display light will turn on and the water pump will start drawing water from the tank to kick-start the evaporative cooling process. This will also activate the UV lamp that disinfects the water, resulting in cleaner air output. Press this button again to set the machine in WIND mode. In this mode, the water pump will be at rest and the cooler will only operate as a normal fan for air circulation. UV light will turn off.
This button will set the vertical louvers to oscillate left to right automatically to alternate the propelling direction of cool air.
Press this button to set the fan to desired speeds. P1 is low speed, P2 is medium speed, P3 is high speed.
Select this button to set cooler in SLEEP mode. The blower will repeatedly alternate between the 3 different wind speed levels in every 20 seconds intervals.
When the cooler is switched off, you can set the time (between 1 to 24 hours) for the cooler to start up automatically. When the cooler is switched on, you can set the time (between 1 to 24 hours) for the cooler to shut down automatically.

Technical Specs


Yeti CM90-BUV

  • Air Flow: 9,000 m3/hr
  • Rated Power: 350 Watt
  • Voltage/Frequency: 220v/50Hz
  • Current: 1.6A
  • Dimensions: 780 x 520 x 1340mm
  • Gross Weight: 44 kgs
  • Noise: 60dB
  • Water Storage: 100L
  • Fan Type: Axial Fan
  • Cooling Method: Evaporative
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